Yuletide Letter 2017

Hello! After a skipped year, I’m back to joining Yuletide! To make this quick and to the point, I am very easy to please when it comes to fics written for me, because I already love the very idea! I have so far loved all that I received as well as loved writing fics for others. My taste is varied across all genres, from gen to romance, to action, to humor, to meta, to character studies and more. While I’ve written some prompts, these are only to serve as a guideline for when a writer needs a more solid idea. However, if you’ve gotten an idea you’re dying to share, please do so! I only have a few preferences to keep in mind.


As said before, I’ve a taste for all genres, but I do love seeing certain aspects, such as character introspection, background exploration, worldbuilding (very much so!) and fics that delve into the bonds between characters. I’m also open to the idea of different AU settings; not just modern (although I am not a fan of the high-school setting) but also for something dark, fantastical, or sci-fi related. I also like seeing experimental stuff in fiction, and am absolutely giddy when I see unique styles being employed. I am genuinely interested in crossovers as well, as I will specify in certain prompts.

For some of my fandoms, seeing character bonds is a very big thing for me; whether it be romantic, tragic, of deep friendship or familial. While some prompts I’m detailing will have ship material, these are not absolutely necessary in the story that you write. If you would rather a ship pairing be more platonic, go for it!


For my dislikes, I just generally would like no character bashing. I’m all for smut, though these will only be certain ships/fandoms. And for smut, I’m generally very vanilla when it comes to kinks – so I will not be in favor of heavy BDSM, non-con (except for one prompt), and gore (…also except for one prompt). For certain writing styles, I am still fine with all versions. My only nitpick is for certain 2nd POV, where the reader is a character (as in reader-insert). If the POV is for a style, for a character already in canon, or anything else, I will be fine with it.


Fandom: Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Characters: Daniel, Justine Florbelle

This game is still one of my favorite horror-types out there. The atmosphere, the style, and the hints of character motivations we get as we progress through the game has very much stayed with me. The DLC included was a great extra to the game, and I’ve been wanting to see that one explored more for quite a while.

One idea that’s been occupying my brain for years is Daniel interacting with Justine. Going by the game’s timeline, it is very possible for these two to meet. One specific prompt I have is for an older Daniel, who’s escaped Brennenburg, to have met up with Justine in France, once he’s become a lead in his Archeology field. I’m very interested in seeing these two in a bad/wrong ship, with both of their grievous sins coming to a head. (Justine seems perfectly fine with what she’s done, while Daniel is wracked by guilt, enough for self-induced amnesia). I’d love to see them relate to one another, and see where their darkness goes. Considering the subject of this game, I am more open to concepts of torture or non-con, or just any general terribleness. You are also free to portray them as platonic just as well! Just for this request, I’d like fluff/happiness to be as minimal as possible – as this is a canon where I see very little of that.
Super optional request!:  I am also open to crossovers for other Frictional games. Both Penumbra and SOMA have very similar elements and protagonists, and either through weird magic or just general past/present explanations, I’d love to see a story where these canons intersect.


Fandom: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Characters: Mipha, Link, Revali, Urobosa

Been a fan of Legend of Zelda for many years and this new addition didn’t disappoint. However, I really wanted to learn more about the characters, and so I’m hoping for some more in-depth backstory characters such as Mipha, especially in regards to her relationship with Link. It seems they grew up together, so how did that mesh with their different ways of life? Did Link live with the Zora? How did their relationship to each other change once he became Zelda’s knight? Can definitely be written as a ship, and am also intrigued with a smut-leaning if you want to go in that direction.

I would also love to see more into earlier beginnings with Revali, and Daruk, and Urbosa. Including Mipha, I’d like to see how all these great heroes of their peoples worked together, and if there was any general misunderstandings or difficulties, and how they overcame them. An exploration into their deaths is also something intriguing. Of course, you can just mix and match which characters can interact as well! (I could not fit in Daruk as a requested character, so feel free to skip him if you'd like). I’d also be ecstatic to see a bit more worldbuilding explored for this canon – it was amazing to see that in the game, and having more details to just see the world and history that connects with previous LoZ canons would be great to read and learn about.


Fandom: American Gods (TV show)
Characters: Mr. Wednesday, Essie MacGowan, Mad Sweeney

The show has done such a unique job of representing many of the god characters, both old and new, and some of their backstories as well. I’d love to see someone’s take on Mr. Wednesday, perhaps more from when he was first brought to America and his general perception of it, as well as his own initial interactions with other gods/deities, such as Easter or Mad Sweeney, and how he came to be how he is. Any expansions on mythology and the like, general talk about different pantheons and religions, and utilizing the god characters as perhaps as just a concept for something else – I am very open to various interpretations of the show and all the characters.

For something perhaps a bit more grounded, a look into Essie MacGowan and Mad Sweeney is also ideal. I wanted more interactions between them, and maybe something like that could be alluded to in their past together, or a more introspective look into Mad Sweeney’s connection to her. Can be romantic, platonic, or somewhere in between!


Thank you for taking the time to read my letter! All of the above prompts are just suggestions to help get you started. If you still have an altogether different idea that doesn’t venture into my dislikes, please go for it! And feel free to leave a comment if anything is confusing or needs some clarification. (You can also send me an ask on my tumblr at http://likes-words-and-shrimp.tumblr.com/ ). Thanks again and see you on Christmas!

Yuletide Letter 2015

[Some copy-paste from last letter!]

Hi! This is my third year in Yuletide! (Skipped last year because busyness! Though I’m busy this year too but HEY) First thing you should know in general is that I am very very easy to please so no need to fret over your gift, because I will most likely love it, as fic gifts always makes me happy! I have loved all the gifts I received. I like a wide range of genres, from gen to romance to humor to adventure to tragic, including some AU’s, as well as smut. And though I’ve written some prompts for my chosen fandoms, please feel free to use your own ideas if you want to! I just have a few preferences for fic;

For my kinks, I’m very vanilla because that’s how I roll. I’m not into most aspects of BDSM, nor do I like scat/watersports and other extreme things. I’m partial to dub-con just fine, but like to refrain from outright non-con if a story has that. Definitely into more consensual happenings when it comes to smut, whether it be het, slash, or femslash. For gen, I love plotty stories, whether it be expanding on a certain part of the canon, or going into AU territory. Such as when an AU just takes the canon into a different plot direction, or transform into something else entirely, such as coffee-shop, space opera, urban and the like. AU’s that I’m -not- into are of the high-school variety. I’m also not interested in the a/b/o universe, along with most of the aspects of it, such as mpreg. (I do like soul bonds though, so I’m cool with that!)


Fandom: SOMA
Characters: Simon Jarrett, Catherine Chun, WAU

So I really like scary games, and SOMA is no exception. It’s bit different then the other games by the Frictional team, but the sci-fi setting and the WAU just made it all for me. And I liked Simon more than I thought I would, probably because of that gut-punch of an ending.

I’m yearning for fic dealing with the Simon that was left behind in the Abyss. Whether you want to go the route of things getting better for him, maybe he can fix Catherine, or he’s able to travel to the surface, or deal with his misery at being the last human alive, I’ll love them both. And cry. You can also write about the Simon in the ARK. Does he know about his other self? Is he really happy there? How do he and Catherine interact there? The possibilities are endless! You could even go into some study over the WAU. It’s initial happenings before the world was messed up, or how people perceived over time. It’s not supposed to actually have a consciousness, or does it??

I’m not particularly into shipping for this fandom. I like Simon and Catherine as friends, but if your muse takes you into that direction, then go for it! I’m still fine with them as a pairing. Whatever idea you’re inspired by, I want to read it!


Fandom: Death Gate Cycle
Characters: Haplo, Alfred Montbank, Marit, The Labyrinth

Okay, I really love Death Gate Cycle to an unbelievable point, and I just want stories about this universe to exist. About any characters, in all kinds of situations! But for my preference, I do have a love for both Alfred and Haplo, so I’ll definitely say that I would love stories centering around these two and their relationship towards each other. As my OTP of all OTP’s, I want all the ship fic for them. Whether canon-diverging fic, post-canon fic, or an AU-type of fic! And for AU’s, I’m definitely leaning towards modern-setting fic… maybe one where Alfred is a college professor? JUST IMAGINE IT.

Over time, I’ve also started to really develop a fondness for Alfred/Haplo/Marit, and would love poly fic for them. Can still be very gen, or maybe just how a poly trio would come about with them. And all taking care of their kids! HAPPY FAMILY. WHOA I’m too affected by this. Of course, just detailing the three as a wonderful friendship is just as good.

[The character for the Labyrinth didn't show up in the sign-ups, but it's still in the tag sets, SO, putting this here still] Another possible prompt could be some fic about the Labyrinth itself. The books strongly hint that it’s sentient, and that it seems to be afraid of Alfred, and Haplo as well. I think there’s a lot you could do here; maybe a first-POV from the Labyrinth’s perspective, or have it interact with Alfred and Haplo with some weird telepathy thing. I’d also accept some dark fic for this certain character, as the Labyrinth shows that it’ll do plenty of horrible things in its goal for everyone’s so-called redemption.

BONUS: This is just a super special extra if you wanna do it. I’ve been wanting some smutty fic for Haplo and Alfred for the longest time, but definitely only if you feel comfortable with writing it. Fade-to-black or just some implications are totally fine with me. This also applies to Alfred/Haplo/Marit too, because poly threesomes are neat. My kinks are still vanilla for them regardless.


Fandom: Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Characters: Colette Brunel, Tenebrae

Glad Tales of Symphonia got in! Even if it’s only the sequel… I’m not a huge fan of the sequel in terms of how it treated the characters, but it did introduce some interesting political upheaval, which it could’ve gone further with but eh. I would be fine with either plotty fic dealing with the situation, or something more lighthearted! I definitely did get a soft-spot for Tenebrae. A fic expanding on his role in the game, or on his origins before the game would be great. It’s mentioned that he met Mithos’ group during the Kharlan War- what event happened between them? How does his interaction with them affect his interaction with the people he’s with now? I’d be happy with virtually anything with Tenebrae as a central role.

I’m really excited that Colette Brunel is also a nominated character. She’s no longer the Chosen, and as shown by Marta, there are people that blame her for certain tragedies that have occurred, and Lloyd is currently missing/ having hurtful rumors flying around him. For fic with her, I’d still love Tenebrae to play a role, and maybe he helps her deal with these things in his own special, sarcastic way. And Colette has always had a love for dogs, so some fun, fluffy fic with her and Tenebie/Paw Pads/Brae Brae would be neat! If you even want to go into some shippy territory with them, I’m all for that too! Perhaps Tenebrae can shape shift into a human form?

BONUS: For a very, very optional detail, I have a fondness for Lloyd/Colette too, so if you want to add that to your story, I wouldn’t mind seeing it! Maybe Lloyd also has his own interactions with Tenebrae as well.


Fandom: Edgar Huntly, or Memoirs of a Sleepwalker
Characters: Edgar Huntly, Edny Clithero

This is such a curious story. Edgar Huntly, in his search for the answers to his friend Waldegrave’s death, discovers the suffering Clithero and then proceeds to become completely obsessed with him. A lot of gothic atmosphere, inner conflict and really weird connections between Edgar and Clithero. Any fic describing about these two, maybe a focus on Edgar’s strange savior complex he has for Clithero, would be awesome. Can take place during the story, or maybe after? Perhaps Clithero never got to escape, and maybe Edgar stops him? Introspective or dark fic is great, and definitely some shipping is encouraged, especially highlighting the weird fascination that Edgar has with Clithero. (Smut is good, too.)

If you want a copy to help refresh your memory (or are reading it for the very first time!) there's a free copy of the novel over here.


Fandom: Beyond Good and Evil
Characters: Jade, Pey’j

I really loved this game! Jade and Pey’j were my favorites, and I’m still waiting for them to come back for the sequel. But since that won’t happen for another 20 years (sigh) some fic that dealt with the aftereffects of the game would be awesome. I’d love plotty fic, or some feel-good family fic. Some possible prompts, the end of the game showed Pey’j infected with the Dom’z stuff, so maybe how does he deal with it? How long does he keep this from Jade? Or maybe some pre-canon fic, of younger Jade growing up with her uncle. As you can see, I really love these two a lot, and some wonderful family stuff, along with some plot, would be really wonderful. Since they’re family, this is the one fandom where I don’t want ships/romance. But for gen, you’re free to write whatever comes to mind!


Thanks so much for reading my letter! All of these are optional details still! As long as some of my dislikes for certain things aren’t too touched upon, I know I’ll love what you come up with. Feel free to ask me any questions if you want. See you on Christmas!

Rare Ship Swap Letter

This is pretty much a copy of what I wrote for my sign ups on AO3. Just putting it on here for those who want easier access!

Fandom: The Death Gate Cycle
Pairings: Haplo/Alfred, Alfred/Orla

Death Gate Cycle is a dear book series to me, and I'm always on the lookout for any new fanworks about it. I'm especially a big fan of these characters, so any lovely fics of either Haplo/Alfred or Alfred/Orla would make me happy. While I am more partial toward Haplo/Alfred, I love Orla's relationship with Alfred as well. Fics can range from G-rated fluffness to wonderful smut as long as there is some hugs going on~ If you want to write either relationship as platonic and focus more on friendship, I'm fine with that too! You can also go a tragedy, angst-filled route, such as with Alfred/Orla, and it will make me cry tears, but in a good way.

VERY OPTIONAL DETAIL: I'm gonna admit, I've been wanting some porn with Haplo/Alfred for quite a while, with some emphasis on their friendship and soul sharing (and a whole lot of making out). It is sadly the kind of fic that is quite rare for these two, despite how strongly the books paints their relationship in its wonderful subtext. However, please don't make yourself write it if you're not comfortable with it! This is mostly just a detail for those who would like doing so~ :)

Dislikes: Character bashing, non-con, mpreg, heavy BDSM kinda stuff. I'm a very vanilla soul~


Fandom: Dragonlance
Pairings: Caramon Majere/Raistlin Majere

The Majere twins have been a favorite of mine for years. I would love a fic detailing the brotherly good times/troubles they've had. I'm fine from G-rated fluff to good ol' smut. There's a lot of opportunities, such as from their campaigning days to when they're time-traveling. Platonic brotherhood between them is okay with me too! So anything from happiness to angst-filled heartbreak between them, I will love.

Dislikes: Character bashing, non-con, mpreg, heavy BDSM/kinky things


Fandom: Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Pairings: Daniel/Justine Florbelle

Daniel/Justine started out as a little fascination, and I'm always a bit sad to see not much fics exploring the aspect of them meeting each other. (In one of Daniel's endings, I think it's very possible for him to meet her at some point in his life, such as when he is in his 40's or so, and Justine in her late 20's.)

I'd love maybe some exploration about their own dark sides and how they can relate to each other. Though Daniel may have redeemed himself, he's still far from being innocent, and Justine has her own dark fascination with torture. Does Daniel find out and try to stop her? Or will he join her even? I think there's a lot of ways you can go with their story- and any added smut is always a plus if you don't mind writing it.

Gory details are welcome for this canon. I think I might be okay with non-con as well (and if there was some non-con going on, I believe Justine would be the one initiating it somehow through her own twisted ways). Just some unsettling connection between these two would be very grand.


Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire
Pairings: Barristan Selmy/Daenerys Targaryen

So, yes, I've been wanting a romantic fic for these two. I won't deny that. (Another couple with an older person paired with a younger one? I think I might see a pattern here...)

I've loved Selmy ever since A Storm of Swords, and I've loved Dany since the beginning. I would like a fic that highlights a relationship between them, such as their time in Mereen, or maybe a future fic set in Westeros. You can go a more platonic route with these two if you would rather do that, and I'm fine with happy G-rated fluff to anything more serious. Smut is also welcome if you can think of a way, just as long as they remain their awesome selves, although I would like Dany to be older. (Then I'll feel less guilty). If you want to incorporate some things from the show as well, I am totally fine with it~

Dislikes: Character bashing, non-con, dub-con, heavy BDSM/kinky things


Have fun writing! Remember that details are totally optional. And feel free to ask me any questions!